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Thermoflow Therapy Socks / Diabetic Socks

Thermoflow therapy socks are made from thread that is impregnated with ceramic powder. Ceramic thread is made from micronized minerals embedded in the polypropylene. The minerals are not coated on the outside of the thread like other far infrared products and cannot be washed off the products. As a result Thermoflow therapy socks will last longer than most other similar products on the market.

Thermoflow therapy socks can be used for increasing blood circulation and relieving pain and swelling in the feet, toe or ankle area. In particular, it is effective for arthritis, foot Raynaud's disease, cold feet, feet numbness, ankle sprains, swelling feet, tired feet, tarsal tunnel syndrome and foot injuries, and for symptoms caused by diabetes.

Thermoflow therapy socks are available in three sizes of short sock / diabetic socks and one size fits all for the long socks.


Sizing Chart

 Description  Small  Medium  Large  X-Large
 Size Of Shoe  (4-7)  (7-10)  (10-13)  
Regular Socks  Small  Medium  Large  X-Large
Short Socks  Small  Medium  Large  X-Large
Long Socks

One Size Fits All

Knee High Long Socks

Regular Socks

Available in Black and White

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