Thermoflow gloves are made with a soft flexible polyceramic material. Gloves are designed to fit snug and comfortable.

Follow the sizing chart below to ensure correct fit.


 Sizes  Index Measurement (Length)  Palm Measurement (Width)
 Small Fits 16 cm - 19cm Fits 6 cm - 8 cm 
 Medium Fits 17 cm - 20 cm  Fits 7 cm - 9 cm 
 Large Fits 18 cm - 21 cm  Fits 8 cm - 10 cm 
 X-Large Fits 19 cm - 22 cm   Fits 9 cm - 11cm

Please note: This is the suggested fit. A slight variation is sizing may be necessary to compensate for hand thickness.


Index Measurement:

Measure from the base of the palm where it meets the wrist to the tip of the index finger. This will give you a length of the hand. Only required for regular gloves.




Palm Measurement:

Open your hand, and measure from the base of where the thumb meets the palm, directly across the hand to the other side. This will give you the width of your palm.

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